Cost drives at-home care options

At the Retirement & Lifestyle Expo held in Cape Town in February 2016, it was discussed that the traditional frail care or care centre within retirement villages would diminish over the next decade, with residents being encouraged to “age in place”. The care services residents may require will be provided in the comfort and privacy of their own homes in their villages. “Because both traditional assisted living and care centres are the more expensive components of a village, villages of the future will have to consider care in all units to prevent the current shortages in care availability from recurring and to be relevant and financially viable,” – Marelize van Rooyen, marketing director at Retirement Villages SA.


Access to affordable quality health care.

When considering the right place to retire, is access to quality healthcare important to you? As you may already know, planning where to retire can be an involved process, with many questions you may need to consider, such as: where and how do you want to live, what is the best pricing model for you, what sort of lifestyle do you want, and how you will fill your time. And, as life expectancy increases and medical costs rise, considering access to health care options is also vitally important. The world of retirement accommodation is evolving. Gone are the days of long, dark and depressing hallways of old traditional ‘retirement homes’. Today, Baby Boomers (born between 1946 – 1964) are dramatically reshaping the retirement landscape. seeking out beautiful spaces, convenience, technology in the home, access to gyms and heated swimming pools, independence and flexibility and most notably, access to affordable quality health care options, should the need arise.


access to affordable quality health care options


Forward thinking at The Plettenberg Manor

At The Plettenberg Manor Exclusive Retirement Resort, we are continually striving to provide our residents with the best quality of life possible.

As a result, The Plettenberg Manor is steering the retirement segment into the “living with choice” direction.

Our vision is to cater to the needs of our retirees and make sure peace of mind is found while still living a healthy and fulfilling life. At The Plettenberg Manor, we provide various care options that are affordable and supported by the top medical aid schemes. Our Homecare facility is fully equipped with the state-of-the-art medical equipment and our highly qualified nursing staff is already providing day to day medical evaluations on request.

As a resident, your home can be classified as your own “optional Medical Facility”. This means that should the need arise for more intensive care, your medical operator will come to you instead of you having to go to them.

This is important because it means you’ll be able to continue living in the comfort of your own home, giving you peace of mind from the day of purchase throughout your retirement.

At The Plettenberg Manor, we recognise that when it comes to health care and ageing, one size certainly does not fit all. This is why we have chosen to work with the industry-leading Medwell SA which provides caring managed home nursing and healthcare services.


About Medwell SA – Home Care Specialists

What does Medwell SA offer?

Medwell SA specialises in providing managed home health care services as an alternative to long-term hospitalization and care in specialised care facilities.
While their services are rendered to all age groups, they have a special focus on caring for the elderly who have become frail and need special care.
The aim of Medwell SA is to provide patient-centred care with an emphasis on the clinical needs and requirements as well as the personal needs of the patient and family involved.

Medwell SA – background

Elcare Managed Home Nursing and Gernessa Home Nursing have merged to form Medwell SA in order to expand and provide a national footprint of managed home nursing services throughout South Africa.
The incorporated practices have been involved in managed home nursing and healthcare since 1997, operating throughout the greater Gauteng and Western Cape regions (including Garden Route and Overberg).
They have maintained a successful expansion throughout South Africa. Medwell SA maintains the practice with a compliment of qualified administrative and professional staff as well as nursing staff with over 550 trained and motivated employees.

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Plettenberg Mediclinic – Local Hospital

Should there be a need for more intensive medical attention, the Plettenberg Mediclinic is a quick 10-minute drive away and follows the standards of all their other state-of-the-art facilities around the country, including a 24-hr emergency room, an intensive care unit, woundcare and stoma therapy clinic, Pathology and Radiology units.